Regrets and Remorse

  1. Missed Opportunities Regrets: (I would call them not so important ones like not buying Bitcoin a few years ago) — I would avoid thinking of only the best case scenario and think of all the options that could have happened. If we will look at the options honestly, we will feel much better!
  2. Missed Experiences Regrets: We may have certain regrets in life related to things that we want to do but haven’t done so far as they do not conform to our values or conflict with something else. These are mostly one time ‘experience’ related and not really a ‘calling’. And we justify them with YOLO (You Only Live Once). I believe these are to be evaluated on a risk/return basis. If the risk is something that I am happy to pay for the return, I would go and act upon it. If I am paying a heavy price (e.g. hurting others, risking my future, career etc.), I think I would tell that to myself firmly. The regret hopefully will slowly disappear.
  3. (Missed) Actions Regrets: These are probably the most common ones. Regrets that we did or didn’t do something in a past situation. Examples: act against a bully in school or on the street, failed to help a friend in need etc. When we are thinking of what we did (or didn’t do) in the situation, we forget why we acted the way we did. Again we only think of what we should have done (the best case scenario). We forget about everything else that influenced the situation — example a brain freeze when you are bullied. We set very high expectations from ourselves. I think if we can sit back and think of the reasons why we acted the way we did, it might help to overcome such regrets. And maybe prepare us better for next time.
  4. Important Life Decisions Regrets: These are super important. But what is more important is to not to confuse these with the ones above. These are the ones that life reminds us of everyday. E.g. not pursuing your passion (career or a person or place) just to meet societal or parents wishes OR it could be about mending/breaking your relationship with someone but something stops you from acting on it. These are to be corrected. Or at least we need to have a plan to correct them. This is when thinking of YOLO becomes important.
  5. Remorse: Toughest ones. All I can think of here is to find a closure. If you hurt someone, go and apologize. If for any reason you are unable to apologize, put yourself in the shoes of the other person. Genuinely feel the hurt that you caused others and then forgive yourself…



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Kind thoughts

Kind thoughts

I like to think. Sharing the thoughts in case it makes sense to you and if it helps in any way! Let me know if it does. Will be encouraging!